How to setup your Reolink Go PT?
Set Reolink Go PT up with Reolink App. Click here for a step by step guide.

How best to mount the camera?
For outdoor use, the Go PT MUST be installed upside down for best waterproof performance and better PIR motion sensor’s efficiency. It is recommended to install the camera 2-3 meters (7-10 ft) above the ground. This height maximises the detection range of the PIR motion sensor. And for better motion detection performance, please install the camera angularly.

How does Reolink Go PT connect to the Internet?
Reolink Go PT uses 4G LTE cellular network. Like our mobile phone, Reolink Go PT needs a micro SIM card and cellular data plan before using. A Vodafone V-SIM is included and can be activated with a €4.99 per month subscription in the Vodafone Smart Tech App.

Can Reolink Go PT connect to WiFi instead of using a SIM card?
Reolink Go PT only supports 4G/3G cellular network and doesn’t support WiFi connection.

How much data will Reolink Go PT use?
Data usage of Reolink Go PT depends on the bitrate you set up. 1 hour of live feed in 1080p mode (default bitrate: 1.5Mbps) will use about 1GB of data. And if you use 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode (default bitrate: 160kbps), you can watch for 10 hours. Based on that, you can estimate the data usage to choose the right data plan for you.

How long does the battery last?
Reolink Go PT comes with the 6500mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Normally, the battery lasts for about 1 - 4 weeks based on your settings, usage, network carrier or temperature. We recommend you use the Reolink Solar Panel included to get non-stop power. Reolink Go PT will send you the low-battery notification if the battery level goes down to 10%.
Note: Reolink Go PT is not compatible with other brands’ battery.

How does Reolink Go PT alert you when motion is detected?
When there is the movement, Reolink Go PT sends push notifications or email alerts to you instantly. The siren or customized voice alerts sounds at the same time to warn off the unwanted. You can set a schedule to decide when to enable or disable motion detection based on your needs.

Can I alter the sensitivity of the motion detection?
Yes. The Sensitivity setting of Reolink cameras is controlled by a slider. You may drag the slider to the left/right to set the motion detection sensitivity. The higher the level, the more sensitive the motion detection. You can set the PIR sensitivity for your camera by logging into the Reolink App and go to Device Settings->PIR Motion Sensor->PIR Sensitivity, and then you can slide to adjust the PIR sensitivity. 

You can set different motion sensitivity values for the four time periods. You may change each period’s starting and ending time to adapt to the changing lighting conditions of the surroundings. 

How does Reolink Go PT record?
Reolink Go PT records videos when it is activated by motion. Motion clips are saved in the micro SD card by default (included) or uploaded to Reolink Cloud (if you subscribe). Also, if you want to record clips or take a photo from live video, you can hit Record/Snapshot button via Reolink App. These pictures and videos will be saved in your phone by default, instead of the SD card.

What happens to recorded videos if the SD card is full?
Overwriting of SD card is enabled by default. When the SD card gets full, the newly-recorded videos will replace the existing videos. Overwriting starts from the videos that are saved earliest. The camera support a maximum of 64GB Sized SD card.

Can I add Reolink Go PT to more than one mobile phones?
Yes, when connected to 4G network, Reolink Go PT allows 1 user to view streaming in 1080p mode and 7 users to view live feed in Fluent mode at the same time.


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