Reolink TrackMix Wired LTE | Wired 4G LTE Dual-Lens Camera with 24/7 Recording

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Technical Specs for Reolink TrackMix Wired LTE

Image Sensor
1/3"CMOS sensor

Video Resolution

Up to: 2560 x 1440 (4.0 megapixels) @15fps
Video Format
H.264, H.265
6X hybrid zoom
Field of View
Horizontal: 96°-38°
Vertical: 55°-21°
Infrared Night Vision
Up to 30 meters (100ft) (LED: 2pcs/ 850nm)
Colour Night Vision
Spotlight: 2pcs/4W/6500K/450 Lumens
Two-way audio
DC 12V/2A
System Reset Button
One 10M/100Mbps RJ45
SIM Card Slot
microSD card slot (Max. 256GB)
Pan & Tilt
Pan: 355°, Tilt: 0°~90°; (Speed can be set)
Frequency Bands
Europe version:
LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A
Frame Rate
Mainstream: 10fps - 15fps
Substream: 10fps - 15fps
Code Rate
Mainstream: 1024Kbps -4096Kbps
Substream: 64Kbps -672Kbps
OS Supported
PC: Windows, Mac OS; Smartphone: iOS, Android
Smart Alarm
Motion/person/vehicle/animal detection
Record Mode
Motion recording (default); schedule recording;24/7 recording

Protocols & Standards

Note: HTTPS, UPnP, RTSP, RTMP, Onvif, DDNS, and FTP are not supported when using 4G/3G LTE network.
Max Users
Supports up to 12 simultaneous video streams (10 substreams & 2 mainstreams)
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Reolink Cloud
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ +55°C

FAQs for Reolink TrackMix Wired LTE

Can I talk to someone via the Reolink App? (Two-way audio)
Yes, this security camera features two-way audio, which means you can listen and talk to someone in real time with simple clicks in App.

Can I turn off the spotlight and siren?

Yes, you can turn off the spotlight and siren manually.
By default, the camera's spotlights and siren are motion activated: they will be turned on automatically when a motion is detected. You can turn them off, adjust the brightness of spotlights, or customize the siren to your liking.
Please note that with the spotlights on you can enjoy clear colour night vision, but if the spotlights are turned off, you will only see black and white images at night.

Can this camera support time-lapse function?

Yes, the camera can support time-lapse. It can save time-lapse photos and videos to the SD card.

Does the camera support cloud storage?
Yes. Note: You can also save motion-triggered video clips into a micro SD card (supports up to 256GB).Note: Cloud storage is not available when the camera is connected to a NVR.

Can this camera be used outdoors/indoors?

This camera can be used both indoors and outdoors.
It is certified weatherproof and its operating temperature is from -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F), perfect for outdoor and indoor usage.

Can the camera be connected to the network via Ethernet cable?

Yes, the camera can be connected to the network using an Ethernet cable.Note: When both 4G and Ethernet connections are available, the camera will prioritize the wired network connection.

Can the camera be connected to an NVR?

Yes, you can connect the camera to an NVR using an Ethernet cable. It also requires a power adapter for power supply.

What is Auto Tracking & Zoom?

Auto Tracking & Zoom refers to the two ways that a TrackMix camera simultaneously uses to automatically track an object in both the wide-angle and zoomed views.
In the panoramic view, which is captured by the camera's wide-angle lens, the camera pans and tilts to keep the detected objects within its field of view; In the zoomed view, which is produced by the two lenses cooperatively, the camera zooms in to the targeted object (which is within the camera's field) to closely follow its movement. It's notable that the TrackMix camera uses advanced technology to restore details and definition to the zoomed-in image, enhancing the image quality.
This can help you track the situation and details at the same time, without manually making the camera pan, tilt or zoom in.

What is hybrid zoom?

Hybrid zoom is a combination of optical zoom and digital zoom, specifically referring to the presentation of Reolink TrackMix camera's close-up view. This view is cooperatively produced by the camera's two lenses in order to automatically zoom in onto the targeted object. When the target is not too far, the picture captured by the 4MP wide-angle lens will be digitally zoomed in; when the object gets too far, the view then switches to the picture captured by the 2MP telephoto lens to ensure the best image quality. In either way, TrackMix camera uses advanced technology to restore details and definition to the zoomed-in image, enhancing the image quality.

How does 4G work on this security camera?

Similar to your cellular phone, cellular security cameras need a SIM card with a data plan to transmit video signals over 3G/4G network.
The common SIM cards offered by carriers like T-Mobile and Vodafone can work for Reolink 4G cameras (as they can for your cellular phone). 

Does the camera work on 5G/4G/3G/2G?

The camera works on 4G networks. It also supports 3G, which is not recommended though (since wireless companies are working to retire older network technologies). It does not support 5G or 2G SIM card.
Yet it does not matter if you use a 4G or 5G mobile phone to access the camera. The camera needs a SIM card of its own, which is totally irrelevant to your mobile's SIM card.

How much data do I need on the SIM card?

Data usage of this camera depends on the bitrate you set up. 1 hour of live feed in 4MP mode for one channel (default bitrate: 3Mbps) will use about 2GB of data. (In 4MP mode, only one channel is available for live feed). If you use 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode for one channel (default bitrate: 512kbps), you can watch for about 5 hours, while 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode for two channels at the same time (default bitrate: 512kbps for each) will last for about 2.5 hours. Based on that, you can estimate the data usage to choose the right data plan for you.

How can I power up this camera?

The camera can be powered by a 12V 2A DC power adapter (A 1.2-meter power adaptor and a 4.5m extension cable are shipped with the camera). You can check what is in the box at the end of the overview page.

Does the camera have an SD card?

No, the camera does not come with a micro SD card built in. But it has a micro SD card slot.
This camera supports Max. 256GB micro SD cards with FAT32 format and Class 10 or higher read & write speed. 

What is Reolink View Service? How much data will it consume?
To achieve the full functionality of this 4G security camera, two kinds of data are needed: The data offered by the SIM card is necessary for your device to access the Internet; the data offered by Reolink View Service is necessary for your device's "live viewing" and "playback" on Reolink App/Client.

You can refer to the below table for estimated data usage:

Estimated Data Usage of One Device

  Mainstream (AVG/DAY) Substream (AVG/DAY)
1GB/month 3.33 min/day 15 min/day
3GB/month 10 min/day 45 min/day
5GB/month 16.67 min/day 75 min/day
10GB/month 33.33 min/day 150 min/day
50GB/month 166.67 min/day 750 min/day
100GB/month 333.33 min/day

1500 min/day 

  1. Mainstream: When you live view or playback videos in Clear Mode.
  2. Substream: When you live view or playback videos in Fluent Mode.
  3. For example, 3GB/month (3GB data per month) allows you to live view or playback your camera's video for about 10 minutes per day. If you have to view 10+ minutes per day, you may want to choose a view plan with 3GB+ data.


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