About Us

Who are we?

Connect it is a small Irish company based in Co.Donegal with a passion for all things Smart Home Tech.

We offer affordable Smart Home Products, Appliances and Security Solutions, stocking brands like TP-Link, AduroSmart, Kami, Reolink and are the exclusive home of the iParcelbox in Ireland.

We believe having a Smart Home is no longer a luxury but a reality and our aim is to show that anyone with an internet connection and a smart phone or tablet can have a Smart Home. 

Why a Smart Home?

Save money and energy by switching to smart light bulbs controlled from your phone or on a timer. Add sensors for lighting automations or use Google or Alexa to turn your lights on/ off with your voice.

Watch over your home and the people you love with a smart home camera. Use two way audio to communicate with loved ones (both human and pets) when you're not there or deter any intruders with sirens. 

Protect your parcels when you're not home and avoid a trip to the depot with a smart parcel box that you can control access to from your phone. 

These are just a few examples of how you can connect your home for convenience, security and savings.

Why Connect it?

We're a small company with real people who you can rely on. You can contact us if you have a query or with specific needs and we'll help come up with a Smart solution to connect it.

How will you connect it?

View our range of products here or get in touch at info@connectit.ie if you need help coming up with a smart home solution or call us on 0874491100 we're happy to help.