Can the range extender work with a non-TP-Link router/access point?

Do I need to reconfigure the range extender when relocating it?
No. The settings have been stored into the extender, a normal restart will not delete the settings and there is no need to reconfigure it.

Please reconfigure it when the host Wi-Fi network settings have been changed or the range extender has been reset to the factory defaults.

Do I need reconfigure range extender when I change the router or change the router’s Wi-Fi settings?

Can I change the extender's Wi-Fi name
Yes, we can change the extended Wi-Fi name to whatever we like.

Can I have a different Wi-Fi password on the extender?
No. The extender copies the Wi-Fi password from your host Wi-Fi network. If you'd like to have a different Wi-Fi password, please change it on your host router/access point, then reconfigure the range extender.

Can I use more than 1 range extender in the house?
Yes, we recommend to have 1-2 range extenders in one network for better performance. If you have 2 range extenders in the network, please make sure that the range extenders are both connecting to the host router's Wi-Fi network directly. Please set the second extender up the same way as the first one.

If you need more than 2 range extenders, please take TP-Link Deco devices into your consideration.


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