Where can I install this trail camera?
You can install this camera anywhere in the wild, or in your backyard. It’s recommended to install the camera in a higher place than other trail cameras so that you can get a better view by using its pan & tilt function and make the camera more invisible to animals.

Can I view live through the camera all the time?
Yes. Please note if you view live through the camera for a long time, its battery will be consumed quickly.

How can I charge this camera? Is the solar panel a must?
You have two charging options (including solar charging):
Option 1. Have the camera connected to a solar panel for non-stop power supply.
(👆Also recommended as the most friendly charging option for the cam's battery.)
Option 2. Charge the camera (with its non-removable battery) via a 5V 2A USB charger. (Please note that it's ok to charge the cam while it's working, but not for long.)

How long does the battery last?
The camera comes with a rechargeable battery. Normally, the battery lasts for about 1-4 weeks per charge (Actual use varies based on settings, use conditions and environmental factors.) When the battery level goes down to 10%, the camera will send you a low-battery notification.

For non-stop power supply, you can connect the camera to a Reolink Solar Panel.

Does the camera have an SD card?
Yes, the camera has a 32GB micro SD card built-in. The camera actually supports Max. 128GB micro SD cards with FAT32 format and Class 10 or higher read & write speed.

How does 4G work on this camera?
Similar to your mobile phone, 4G trail cameras need a SIM card with a data plan to transmit video signals over 3G/4G network. A Vodafone V-SIM is included in the box and can be activated with a €4.99 per month subscription in the Vodafone Smart App.

Does the camera work on 5G/4G/3G/2G?
The camera works on 4G networks. It also supports 3G, which is not recommended though (since wireless companies are working to retire older network technologies). It does not support 5G or 2G SIM card.

Yet it does not matter if you use a 4G or 5G mobile phone to access the camera. The camera needs a SIM card of its own, which is totally irrelevant to your mobile's SIM card. Note:  The camera does not support WiFi connection.

How much data does the camera use?
Data usage of this camera depends on the bitrate you set up. 1 hour of live feed in 1440p mode (default bitrate: 3Mbps) will use about 2GB of data. And if you use 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode (default bitrate: 160kbps), you can watch for 4 hours. Based on that, you can estimate the data usage to choose the right data plan for you. 

What Does the PIR Sensor Work for?
PIR sensors are more sensitive to the infrared radiations from humans or animals, and thus can dramatically reduce false alarms caused by fluttering moths or flying twigs. Its full name is passive infrared sensor. It measures the infrared (IR) light radiating from objects with a temperature above absolute zero. When the amount of infrared radiation changes, it triggers detection.

Can this camera support time-lapse function?
Yes, the camera can support time-lapse. It can save time-lapse photos and videos to the SD card.

Does the camera support cloud storage?
Yes. You can refer to Reolink Cloud to check it available countries.
Note: You can also save video clips into a micro SD card (supports up to 128GB).

Can I talk to someone via the Reolink App? (Two-way audio) 

Yes, this trail camera features two-way audio, which means you can listen and talk to someone in real time with simple clicks on Reolink App.

Can this camera be used outdoors/indoors?
This camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is IP65 certified weatherproof and its operating temperature is from -10°C to 55°C, ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.

Can this camera support smart home like Google Assistant?
Yes, currently, this camera can work with Google Assistant.

What happens to recorded videos if the SD card is full?
Overwriting of SD card is enabled by default. When the SD card gets full, the newly-recorded videos will replace the existing videos. Overwriting starts from the videos that are saved earliest. The camera support a maximum of 64GB Sized SD card.


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