What is the storage option to start using KamiBaby?
Dual storage option that supports up to a 128GB MicroSD Card Class 10 (up to 9 days continuous recording) or 7-day free rolling to store your alert clips on kami cloud. MicroSD card is not included in the packaging. 

What are the supported network settings for KamiBaby?
The KamiBaby camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to the app. VPNs are supported but not recommended. KamiBaby cameras can support 2.4GHz. When accessing the camera remotely, a Wi-Fi or cellular connection can be used to view the camera through the Kami Home app.

How do the AI detection alerts work?
You’ll receive a real-time push notification on your phone when your KamiBaby detects movement or abnormal sounds. Select the notification on your phone to view the video clip. Alert Notification videos are stored safely on Silicon Valley-based servers for seven days before they are removed. Kami keep a high standard of data privacy and a secure network connection for all of smart devices. At the moment, email and SMS notifications are not supported.

Does KamiBaby need an App to work?
Yes! All Kami Home Smart Security devices are connected to the Kami Home App. Available and compatible for the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. The App is easy to install and with its voice prompt, it will guide you step-by-step in minutes.

How can I share the live streaming function for KamiBaby?
You can share your camera with up to five other people. They’ll need to download the Kami Home app and create a Kami account. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, they can view your live feed, access video recordings, and receive alert notifications. 

Does KamiBaby come with an additional monitor or screen?
We do not offer an additional monitor. We do not want you to pay extra for something you don't need, when KamiBaby camera can be monitored through the Kami Home App? The Kami App is compatible with any Android or iOS devices with a screen that you can use as an additional monitor.

Can I integrate KamiBaby with my Smart Home devices? (Amazon Echo Show, Google Assistance, Apple TV, etc?)
Yes! You can use either Amazon Echo Show or Google Assistance to show the camera. This can be an alternative if your smartphone or other smart devices are not available. 

Where is the AI based; locally or in the cloud?

KamiBaby's smart features are all based locally on the device. Ensuring fast processing times and keeping your data secure.


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