Which app do I use?
eufySecurity app. You can download it in Google Play or Apple Store.

What is the voltage requirement for hardwiring the 2K battery doorbell?
8-24VAC, 10VA. Learn more about Requirement for Using eufySecurity Devices.

Is this video doorbell compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi? 
No. The video doorbell only works with 2.4 GHz wifi.

Is there a night vision?
Yes. There is an auto night vision for the battery doorbell. 

Is the doorbell linked to the Homebase and can it work without it?
The 2K battery doorbell cannot work without Homebase. The Homebase will connect to the wifi and the doorbell should connect with Homebase via SUB 1G Wi-Fi.

I have an original eufyCam series. Can this battery doorbell be connected to my original Homebase?
Yes. The 2K battery doorbell is compatible with the original Homebase. You can purchase an add-on 2K battery doorbell and add it to the eufySecurity system. 

What if I want another doorbell for my back door?
You can purchase another add-on battery doorbell in our store and add it to the Homebase. Remember to set different ringtones in the Homebase.

Can I hard-wire the 2K battery doorbell?
Yes. The 2K battery doorbell can be hardwired to existing doorbell wires for continuous charging. Please make sure the voltage is 8-24V AC, 10VA or above. 

Does the Doorbell work with 3rd-party smart platforms?
Integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit are still undergoing development. Once the 3rd party compatibility feature is available, eufySecurity will send out a notice. Here is the list of doorbell's smart integration.

Amazon Alexa - Supported.

Google Assistant - Supported.

HomeKit - Not supported.

Home Assistant - Not supported.

SmartThings - Not supported.

SmartLife - Not supported.

Wink - Not supported.

Nest - Not supported.

Blue Iris - Not supported.

Ip-cam viewer - Not supported.

IFTTT - Not supported.

When will this doorbell be compatible with Apple Home/HomeKit?
Sorry that the doorbell doesn't support HomeKit. HomeKit has specific requirements on hardware. We’re actively investigating and trying. But now it’s still too early to say yes or no on the integration. Please stay tuned for our latest news.

Can this be hooked up to a solar panel?
No. This battery doorbell cannot be hooked up to a solar panel at current.

Is there a way to add additional chimes throughout the house for the 2K battery doorbell? 
Yes. You can purchase the add-on chime with a USB dongle to hear the chime notification at further places in the house. This add-on chime with a USB dongle can only be used with the 2K battery doorbell with Homebase 2. This add-on chime is available in US and UK markets now.

Is this doorbell water or weatherproof?
The waterproof grade is IP65. This product is lightly waterproof, we recommend using this product under a shelter.

Is the Homebase also the chime? 
Yes, the battery doorbell uses a HomeBase speaker as a chime. Sorry that there is no remote chime in the package like other eufy wired doorbells. 

1. If you have existing doorbell wires and chimes, the battery doorbell can be hardwired and control the existing chime. 

2. If you have Alexa Echo devices, the doorbell can also link to Alexa and make it work as a chime.

3. If you want a second chime to install it at a different place, you can purchase an add-on chime with the USB dongle, which is designed for the Homebase 2. This add-on chime is available in US and UK markets now.

How do you prevent someone from stealing the doorbell?
The installation of our video doorbell is firm and secure, it is not a simple click in and out. The free EufySecurity app helps you to keep an eye on your doorbell anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once a thief enters the field of the doorbell camera, you will receive a notification on your device. You can view the event and take necessary actions. 

​The video is encrypted with the user's account and then stored on the doorbell. Others cannot access the video without correct account info. We're developing a feature to make the doorbell support backing up data to another location. 

Does this have theft protection?
Sorry that we do not have theft protection.

Will my data be stolen if the device is being stolen?
No. Your data is encrypted with the user's account and then stored on local storage. Others cannot access the video without correct account info. You can read Eufy's Privacy Policy for detailed information.

How many hours or days can the Homebase 2 record and save before writing over itself?
The HomeBase has a 16GB eMMC built-in storage, which can store up to 180 days of video, assuming you’re recording 30 videos a day and 20 seconds of each video. This is more than enough in most cases. The actual duration varies depending on the recording frequency and video length.

Do I need a micro SD card for the doorbell? Can the storage be expanded to local?
Sorry that the built-in storage on Homebase 2 cannot be expanded or replaced for security reasons. The USB port on the HomeBase is designed for eufy products, not for personal USB drives.

Can we store footage on iCloud?
For security reasons, the product doesn't support uploading video to personal cloud storage.

Can I store footage on my local ONVIF DVR / NFS / CIFS / Flash drive?
For security reasons, the product doesn't support these features. 

Is the memory of HomeBase 2 expandable?
Not yet. We're developing a feature to make the doorbell support backing up data to other locations. Hope we can make it soon.


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