What's the difference between B22, E14, E27 & GU10 Bulbs?

What's the difference between B22, E14, E27 & GU10 Bulbs?

Do you ever go to buy a bulb online or in the store and your trying to compare a photo on a screen to the old bulb in your hand? We are here to make it easier for you to shop for bulbs. Don’t know what type or features you want? Check out our previous blog here.


B22 Bulbs

ERIA A60 9W | Smart Dimmable Warm White B22 Light Bulb

These bulbs have a bayonet base fitting, which features two 'mounts' on either side of the bulb. This is also known as a 'standard' bayonet fitting or the classic “push in” bulbs.

These bulbs are mainly used on main hanging light socking in a room or a lamp. A great advantage of these bulbs is that you can connect it to your Adurosmart Smart Home Hub and control remotely from the free ERIA app from anywhere in the world, set timers and commands for when you are not at home. Shop from a range of Colours and in both Dimmable and Tunable varieties. You also have the choice of buying this bulb alone or in a starter pack with a Smart Remote which you can control wirelessly. 



                                    E14 Bulbs 


These bulbs are also known as the “Candle Bulbs”. This bulb is a classic screw in bulb and is found in many types of small light fittings around the home from bedside table lamps to wall lights and chandeliers. The name E14 comes form the fact that the exact diameter of the bulb base is 14mm.

These bulbs come in many varieties such as such as tunable and dimmable. You can also choose the colour of the bulb from warm white to Multi-Coloured. These bulbs come in single or twin packs.

This bulbs can also be connected to the Adurosmart Smart Home Hub and controlled via the ERIA app where you can turn the lights on and off from anywhere in or outside of the house. You will also have the ability to set timers and triggers using a Smart Motion Sensor so the light will come on when motion is detected.





E27 Bulbs

ERIA A60 9W | Smart White and Colour Tunable E27 Light Bulb

These Bulbs are a similar fitting to the E14 Bulbs in a sense that they both screw in although they are different shapes overall and have a different sizes base. These bulbs are are commonly used in decorative fittings and lamps and as mentioned above the E14 bulbs are more commonly suited for smaller fittings. Again stated above the name from this bulb came from the fact that the diameter of the base is 27mm.

Have endless possibilities with these bulbs with the choice of tunable, dimmable, warm white or coloured. Again, these bulbs are perfect for a main ceiling light or a lamp and like all our bulbs, you have the ability to connect it to the Adurosmart Smart Home Hub where to can control it from the free ERIA app anywhere in the world and yet timers and commands.


                                                                    GU10 bulbs

ERIA 6W | Twin Pack: Smart Dimmable Warm White GU10 Spotlight Bulb 

The GU10 bulbs are the most common type of spotlight bulb found in most homes today and is often used in places where a bright light is needed such as kitchens or workspaces. It has a classic spotlight shape, with a narrow base that widens into a flat or slightly rounded aperture.

These bulbs are available in a range of different range of colour temperatures and in both dimmable and non-dimmable varieties so you can set the mood for any occasion and as mentioned above, these bulbs can be connected to your Adurosmart Smart Home Hub where you can control your lights from anywhere in the world whilst having the ability to get timers and commands. Purchase these bulbs individually or as a twin pack to save some money.



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