Aqara Hub M2 | Zigbee Certified Smart Home Hub

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Technical Specs for Aqara Hub M2




100.5×30.75mm (φ3.95×1.21 in.)

Input Power 5V-1A or 5V-2A
Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi iEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, Zigbee 3.0 iEEE 802.15.4, BLE 5.0

USB-A, USB Micro-A, RJ45

Operating Temperature 5°C~+50°C (23°F~122°F)
Operating Humidity 0~95% RH, no condensation

Package Contents

Hub M2 × 1

Micro USB Cable × 1

User Manual × 1

FAQs for Aqara Home Hub M2

What can Aqara Hub M2 do?
Aqara Hub M2 is a smart home control center, and also a smart bridge compatible with Apple HomeKit. It supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet network access and interconnection with Zigbee sub-devices. With IR remote control function, it can add and manage different IR devices. Aqara Hub M2 helps you more conveniently control plugs, lights, curtains, air conditioners, fans, etc. 

What’s automation?
Automation can help you do a lot of things automatically, such as setting the timing to turn off the lights at 10 o'clock every night, automatically turning off the air conditioner after you leave home, automatically turning on the hall light when you arrive home, turning on the lights when people come to your door, and turning off the lights when people go.

What’s scene?
In smart home, scene control is a very practical function. You can create a scene through the app and add multiple devices to the scene. For example, you create a "good night" scene, add "bedroom lights", "living room lights" and "corridor light" to the scene, and set all the switch statuses to be off. After the settings are completed, you can execute the "good night" scene to turn off "bedroom lights", "living room lights", "corridor light".

What’s Zigbee and the version of Zigbee?
Zigbee technology is a short-range, low power-consumption wireless communication technology. The Hub M2 adapts Zigbee3.0 and has the following advantages:

1.Ultra-low power consumption
2. Short delay.
3. Ad-hoc network, which is compatible with more sub-devices.
4. Strong reliability.
5. High security.

How to connect to Internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet?
1. You need a 2.4GHz router in your home and it works normally;
2. The hub only supports the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. If you use a dual-band router, please turn off the 5GHz Wi-Fi network before adding the hub;
3. If you need to use wired communication between the hub and the router, please use a network cable with an RJ45 network port to connect the LAN port of the hub to that of your router, and wait for the orange and green indicator lights on the side of the network port to light up.

How to choose the installation location of the hub?
1. It is recommended to install it in the center of the area where the sub-devices are located, to ensure stable communication between the hub and each sub-device. If the distance between the sub-device and the hub is too far, it may cause the offline problem of the sub-device. To avoid this problem, please add another hub and connect the sub-device to it.
2. The hub should not be too far away from the router as much as possible. In order to ensure the stability of Wi-Fi communication, it is best to maintain a straight distance of 2 to 6 meters.

What can the IR function of Aqara Hub do?
Aqara Hub M2 can be used as the IR control center. After the relevant IR devices are paired through the app, they can be directly controlled through the app or controlled through setting automations, such as turning on the TV, turning on the fan, controlling the air conditioner and so on.

What is the effective communication distance between the sub-device and the hub? Can the signal go through a wall?
In different indoor environments, the effective communication distance between the sub-device and the hub is different. When used in daily home environment, it is recommended that the distance between the sub-device and the hub should not exceed 10 meters, and there are no more than two walls in the middle.

If the power is cut off or Wi-Fi is down, do I need to reconnect manually? Will I lose the saved information?
There is no need to reconnect to Wi-Fi and no data will be lost.

What is HomeKit?
HomeKit is a smart home platform released by Apple. HomeKit allows users to use iOS devices to control all their home accessories labeled "Works with Apple HomeKit".Apple has a "Home" app built into the iOS 10 or later version. Through “Home” app, users can manage all the HomeKit-enabled devices in one platform. Users can create Room in “Home” app, create scenes, such as, “I’m home”, “Away”, set automation, share home ect. Users can use “Home” app to easily and safely control all the HomeKit-enabled accessories. Users can also control the accessories using Siri after naming the accessories. For example, "Turn on the light" or "Turn off the light". "Set the brightness of the light to 50%". "Set the temperature to 20 degrees”. "I’m leaving".

What is the home hub?
A home hub is the brain of the HomeKit-enabled accessories, through which users can automate and remotely access HomeKit-enabled accessories. With the Apple Home app, you can set up a home hub, remotely control your HomeKit-enabled accessories, give trusted people access, and automate the accessories to do what you need as required. Learn more.


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