Easy to use: with simplified menus and large icons and the ingenious smart cover with its four responsive windows which allows for far more functionality than smartphones have offered before.
Smart Cover: Users can make or answer calls, and can adapt their own device to show their favourite or most used functions constantly available without having to open the phone. The windows are responsive to fingers only, so no more accidental rings or mistakes during calls.

Triple-lens back camera: Enjoy incredibly detailed pictures including close up macro images, night shots and portraits. In addition, the S5 also has an 8MP front camera for selfies or video calls using the pre-loaded WhatsApp.

Octa-core processor: The high-speed 1.8 Ghz processor allows for fast App performance and internet searches, and the S5 comes with a very powerful battery.

Modern Technology: Standard applications such as voice input, a pre-installed QR scanner and NFC (Near-Field Communication), for cashless, contactless payments also make it the ideal device for today’s new world.
Printed Training Book: The 154-page printed training book that comes with the phone will take users new to smartphones through all the available technology at their own pace. And for those who are already familiar with smartphones, it is a useful and illustrated memory resource.

Dust and splash-proof: The S5 is IP54-certified and equipped with the tried-and-tested emporia assistance button on the back, which can alert pre-installed contacts at a single touch.

Safety: Emporia Emergency SOS ButtonEmporia S5 SMART.5 easy-to-use smartphone | Black