How to install Kami Outdoor camera?
Step 1:
Plan the route of the cable from the power outlet to the camera and choose an appropriate spot.

Step 2: Use anchors and screws to mount the base to the wall only if you’re not going into solid wood

Step 3: Attach your camera to the mounting base. Adjust the camera angle to a suitable position, and then tightly lock the universal ball mount.

Step 4: Use the clips to fasten the power cord, don't fasten too tightly.

Note: When mounting, pay attention to the following:
- Avoid direct sunlight
- Mind any plants or objects that may obstruct the view
- Ensure the camera is within 33ft from your router.

What is the suggested mounting range of Kami Outdoor camera from router?We suggest you mount the camera within a 33 foot (10 meters) range from your router.

Can I use third-party power adaptor for this camera?
We strongly recommended to run the camera with the original adapter.

Does the camera support RTSP or ONVIF?
No, Kami cameras do not support RTSP or ONVIF at this time.

Does this camera have loop recording mode?
Yes, it has loop recording. Presently it records in 3 minute loops only but there may be updates in the future that will allow for several choices.

What SD cards are supported?
We suggest you use 8-64GB high-endurance class 10 micro-SD cards.

Can I view on more than one mobile phone?
Yes, you can view the live feed of all Kami cameras from the Android or iOS apps.


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