Can the Kami Mini Camera be used outdoors?
The Kami Mini Camera is not suitable for outdoor use. We have several cameras that are rated for outdoor use the Kami Outdoor Camera and the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera which are all IP-65 weather resistant making them ideal for use outdoors.

Can I see the infrared light at night?
No, the night vision infrared light is invisible to human eyes. If you turn on your phone is camera and point it at the camera lens, then you will be able to see it.

Does this camera have loop recording mode?
Yes, it has loop recording. Presently it records in 3 minute loops only but there may be updates in the future that will allow for several choices.

What SD cards are supported?
We suggest you use 8-64GB high-endurance class 10 micro-SD cards.

Can I view on more than one mobile phone?
Yes, you can view the live feed of all Kami cameras from the Android or iOS apps.


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