Can I view on more than one mobile phone?
Yes, you can view the live feed of all Kami cameras from the Android or iOS apps

Why does the cameras video display upside down?
You can change the orientation of the image by turning Image rotation on/off by going to settings and camera settings on the Kami Home app.

Does this camera take an SD card?
Our Kami Indoor camera does not have an SD Card slot. However the camera comes with a 1 year free cloud service.

Kami Indoor Camera Indicator Light Guide

  • Blinking Green Light- Internet (wired/wireless) connection problem
  • Solid Blue Light- The Camera is working properly. The user is not in the app or is in the app but not in live view mode in the app.
  • Blinking Red Light- Shows object in view (with or without human/motion detection) when in the app.
  • No Light- Check to see if micro USB cable and/or USB electrical power adapter is plugged into a power source.


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