Which delivery companies can deliver to iParcelBox?
IParcelBox is fully courier-agnostic, so anyone can make a delivery to iParcelBox. The delivery driver just presses the button on the front of your IParcelBox -no special access codes or custom software required.

Can iParcelBox accept multiple deliveries?
Yes, iparcelbox will send you a notification when a subsequent delivery is required, allowing you to remotely unlock iparcelbox and allow the delivery to be made.

Can iParcelBox accept deliveries that require a signature / proof of delivery?
Yes, iparcelbox has a unique barcode, located on the inside of the lid, when this barcode is scanned or pho photographed by the courier / delivery driver, this acts as proof of delivery for your parcel. Couriers can also record the barcode number as proof of delivery if they do not have a barcode scanner.

What if I’m not near my phone when the delivery is attempted?
If your iParcelBox is empty, it will automatically unlock to allow a delivery, for subsequent deliveries you need to have access to your smartphone to remotely allow a delivery.

How big is iParcelBox?
iParcelBox has the following dimensions: Height: 42cm, Width: 60cm, Depth: 40cm. It can accept parcels up to a total size of 55cm wide, 35cm deep and 39cm high.

How do I install my iParcelBox?
A - Fully detailed installation instructions are included in the box. It takes around 20-30 minutes and involves. Drilling 4 holes for the fixings, routing the power supply and connecting iParcelBox to your wifi network using the smartphone app. A fully detailed installation video is also available at www.iparcelbox.com/setup.

How do I link iParcelBox with my smartphone?
When you install your iParcelBox, the smartphone app will take you through the process of connecting iParcelBox to your home Wi-Fi connection, and associating your smartphone with your iParcelBox. Once setup is complete, as long as iParcelBox is powered up and in range of your home Wi-Fi connection you’ll be able to control it from your smartphone app, wherever you are in the world.

Do you provide a professional installation service?
We don’t currently offer professional installation. Should you require help installing your iParcelBox, we recommend that you contact a local electrical or security system installer.

How is iParcelBox powered?
Mains powered option: iParcelBox requires a 5v DC power supply, and is provided with a 5v DC mains adapter.
If you already have a suitable external IP rated power supply enclosure large enough for the 5v power adapter, or if you can route the 5v power adapter to an internal power socket, you may decide to install iParcelBox yourself.
We recommend that if any modifications are necessary to your electrical installation, you have your iParcelBox professionally installed by a qualified electrician. This will keep you safe and avoid damaging your electrical installation or your iParcelBox.

Battery powered option: iParcelBox comes with an integrated rechargeable battery, and is provided with a 5v DC mains adapter and 3m cable for charging.
Further details about the battery powered iParcelBox are available here

How secure is iParcelBox?
iParcelBox is made of steel. The compartment is locked and if it contains parcels is only accessible when unlocked by you.
Please however note that iParcelBox is not a safe and not protected against a determined attempt to break in with power tools.

What’s to stop a thief just stealing the iParcelBox with your parcels inside?
iParcelBox comes with pre-drilled holes for either wall or floor fixing, and is supplied with multi-material fixings. it also automatically locks if the power supply / Wi-Fi supply is interrupted.

What happens if the iParcelBox power cable is cut / there is a powercut?
In the event that power is removed from iParcelBox / there is a powercut, it will stay in locked mode. When power is reconnected, iParcelBox will remember the box status/number of parcels present and return to normal operation.
The battery-powered version of iParcelBox will continue to operate in the event of a power cut, however if your WiFi network goes down due to lack of power, you will be unable to remotely receive notifications / control the iParcelBox from your smartphone.

Is iParcelBox waterproof?
iParcelBox is designed to be installed outdoors, to protect your parcels from the worst of the weather. Please note that it is weather resistant but not waterproof, so parcels should be removed regularly. In particularly inclement weather, small amounts of water may enter the iParcelBox.

Are parcels stored in iParcelBox insured?
Household insurance providers may consider your iParcelBox as an outbuilding and cover its contents. We do however recommend that you contact your insurance company to clarify the terms of your specific policy.


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