Does this model automatically reconnect to phone when back in range?
Yes, it automatically syncs with the phone whenever in Bluetooth range. It just takes a few seconds to do this.
Does this watch have simple stopwatch and countdown timer functions?
Yes, it has simple stopwatch and few pre set countdowns and you can set up your custom one as well. 
Does the time stay on all the time and how many watch faces does it have?
Your band comes with multiple changeable watch faces. You can select the watch face that is most suitable for you. To change the watch face, perform the following:

Method 1: Press and hold the home screen until your band vibrates. When the home screen zooms out to display the frames, swipe on the screen to select your preferred home screen style.
Method 2: Go to More > Faces, swipe on the screen when the home screen zooms out to display the frames, and select your preferred home screen style. You can only remove watch faces downloaded in the Huawei Health app. To do this, touch the installed watch face then touch the trash can in the top-right corner. You are able to adjust the display to your liking in the Settings. 

Can you set the time on the watch?
When you connect your Huawei Watch GT 2e to your device, it will set the time that you have on your phone as well as the date.
Can this watch be linked up with a Samsung phone?
Yes, you use the Huawei "Health" App on Samsung smart phones in conjunction with the watch. 


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