Extra large buttons and clear display: High contrast keys and big buttons make this phone easy to handle. Large clear Illuminated display.

Loud and clear sound: Enjoy great earpiece volume that is hearing aid compatible with adjustable ringer volume, adjustable handset volume and audible battery low warning. This phone also has Hands-free speakerphone functionality.

GAP expandable system: Add up to 5 handsets/base station with Multilink or 1 handset can register with up to 4 base stations with Multibase.

Digital system benefits (like with ISDN): This phone features Call waiting, Brokering, Query, 3-way conference call, Automatic call back if busy (CCBS) and Call redirect functionality. 

CLIP Calling line identification: Know who's calling with Caller ID from your Caller list with up to 30 entries (of max. 25 digits). Display new calls with date and time of calls (real time from telephone network), browse in the caller list, call back from caller list or withhold calling line identification (CLIR).