How much data will eufy Security 4G LTE Starlight Camera use monthly?
This data is for reference only, and the actual data used depends on your unique circumstances. Roughly 500 MB/month in this scenario: Live View: 10 times/day for 10 seconds each. Motion Recording: 25 events/day for 10 seconds each.

What details of SIM cards do I need to know for the 4G LTE Starlight Camera?
4G LTE Starlight Camera works with 5G SIM cards, but only supports a 4G signal. Supported 4G bands: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71; Supported 3G bands: B2/B4. SIM Card Size: Nano-SIM Card (4FF) 0.48×0.35×0.026 mm

Does 4G LTE Starlight Camera support HomeBase connections?
No, it does not.4G LTE Starlight Camera is designed to work in outdoor locations or semi-outdoor corners around the house. It is a standalone battery camera that does not work with HomeBase.

Is 4G LTE Starlight Camera compatible with my smart home app?
4G LTE Starlight Camera is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa. It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Can I expand the storage with a microSD card?
No, the storage can’t be expanded with the likes of a microSD card.


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