What is the size for the belt on this Crosley turntable?
The belt is 8.25" in diameter.

Do you have to use a record mat when playing vinyls?
No, this model has 3 rubber bumpers to protect the record. Using platter mat would be optional.

Can this be played through separate Bluetooth speakers? 
This item will not transmit to your Bluetooth Speakers. It has a built-in Bluetooth receiver to play a portable device through the built-in speakers in the turntable. This turntable can be hooked up to external speakers with the RCA jacks on the back. You can use these jacks to hook it into self-powered/active speakers.

My record seems to be playing in slow motion? Is it internally broken, or should I adjust settings. It has previously worked perfectly
Check the record speed, check to see if it is a 33 or 45 record, and check the belt.

Will this read my CDs, too?
No. Records and Bluetooth only


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