Multifunctional: This speaker supports a wide variety of devices old and new, including CD/DC-R/CD-RW, Bluetooth, AUX/RCA in and MP3 player, so you can enjoy music from earlier decades in dynamic quality. Two USB slots are provided, with one for audio playback and another to conveniently charge your phone.

Crystal Clear Sound: Utilises two 5” speakers to deliver dynamic sound, so you can enjoy your music in crystal clear quality.

Rechargeable: Ideal for outdoor gatherings and BBQs, this portable speaker can be plugged into mains or used wirelessly, with up to 2 hours of continuous playback.

LED Lights: With multi-coloured, flashy LED lights built-in and the ability to plug in two microphones, the Vibes speaker provides everything you need for the ultimate party experience.

Party Mode: Built-in multi-coloured lights flash from the speaker’s display interface to add to your party’s atmosphere.