5 Reasons You Should Choose a Smart Smoke Detector Over a Traditional One?

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Smart Smoke Detector Over a Traditional One?

Have you checked your smoke alarm recently? Did you know you are advised to check your smoke alarm once a week? And did you also know it has been reported that almost a quarter of Irish homes do not have a Smoke Detector?


1. Giving You More Security...

ERIA Zigbee | Wireless Smart Smoke Detector | Connect It

It's understandable that you can forget this important step in your busy day to day life. We are here to tell you why a Smart Smoke Detector is the way forward and why you should jump on the bandwagon. Take advantage of multiple innovative features and connect to your home’s monitoring system, making your home safer and more energy-efficient. 




 2. Its App Controlled...

Wireless Smart Smoke Detector/App controlled | Connect It

With the ERIA Smart Smoke Detector, it is app controlled, meaning you can set periodic test alarms, check the battery level and see how many times the smoke detector has gone off all through the AduroSmart App when connected to the AduroSmart ERIA hub.

The ERIA Smart Smoke Detector adds a layer of extra protection to your home by alerting you to a dangerous condition, if you’re at home or not. If smoke is detected, the ERIA Smart Smoke Detector will send a notification to your phone notifying you with information as to which room the fire is in, unlike traditional fire alarms.


3. Easy Installation...

ERIA Zigbee | Wireless Smart Smoke Detector | Connect It

Unlike most traditional smoke detectors that are wired into the home, the ERIA wireless Smoke Detector can easily be mounted with the provided 3M tape or with the supplied screws and bracket. Meaning you can easily move the Smoke Detector without any hassle or effort.




4. It Has Extra Safety Automations...

ERIA Zigbee | Smart Home Hub | Connect It

Make your escape route safer by automatically switching on your lights when smoke is detected when connected through the AduroSmart ERIA hub and App. By using the Zigbee protocol, the smoke detector consumes very little energy, which ensures a battery life of around 3 years. As soon as the battery has reached a minimum low level, the smoke detector will give a sound signal and a message in the app.



5. Loud and Effective... 

ERIA Zigbee | Wireless Smart Smoke Detector


Overall, The ERIA Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector functions as a great overall stand alone standard smoke detector and sounds a standard 85dB loud alarm if smoke is detected. 



So what are you waiting for? Get Connected with the ERIA Zigbee wireless smart smoke Detector and rest assure that you and your family will be alerted and protected at home or not. All products listed above are available at Connectit.ie