What is a smart home hub? Connectit.ie

First let’s start with what is a Smart Home Hub? Although it may seem like just a little white box, this box can be the centre of your smart home in many ways. Without this Smart Home Hub your smart home would not function to its full abilities.

ERIA Zigbee | Smart Home Hub


Let’s start with the Lights…

If you are looking to set up Smart Lighting in your home, you will have to connect your bulbs to the AduroSmart ERIA Smart Home Hub for your bulbs to work to their full potential. Simply connect all your Smart Bulbs to the AduroSmart Hub and control them all from the free ERIA app on your smartphone. When successfully connected, you can create different rooms in your app with the different bulbs so you can control them all at once or individually. As well as connecting Bulbs, you also have the ability to connect LED Strip Lighting and these can be controlled in the same way through the free ERIA app. Not only are you able to control your lighting from the app, but you can also set timers and control your lighting from anywhere in the world.


ERIA | Smart LED Colour Strip Lighting 3 meters
ERIA A60 9W | Smart Dimmable Flame E27 Light Bulb









Next up is Sensors...

Another great feature of the AduroSmart Home Hub is that when connected with an ERIA Smart Sensor, you can create commands. For example when a motion is detected by the ERIA Motion Sensor or when a door is opened (ERIA Contact Sensor), your AduroSmart Smart Lighting will turn on. This is perfect for  night time, you can automatically turn on the bathroom light so you don't fall over or if you have a Smart Security Camera in the same range as the sensor. It's also great for walk-in wardrobes or pantries if you want an automatic light to come on when the door is opened.

ERIA | Wireless Smart Motion Sensor ERIA | Wireless Smart Door/Window Contact Sensor







Now for Smoke Detector...

You can even connect your AduroSmart Smoke Detector to your Smart Home Hub! Functioning as a stand alone smoke detector, the Zigbee AduroSmart Smoke Detector can do much more than a standard Smoke Detector. Set periodic test alarms, check the battery level and see how many times the smoke detector has gone off all through the AduroSmart App when connected to the AduroSmart ERIA hub. You can even get notifications straight to your smartphone with information about what room the smoke was detected in. 


ERIA Zigbee | Wireless Smart Smoke Detector


Additional to all these great features, the AduroSmart Home Hub is also voice activated, simply say “Hey Google, Turn on the Office Lights” and see the command happen before your eyes.  

Connect your Smart Home Hub to a range of other Zigbee devices such as Flood Sensors, Smart Locks, Smart Plugs, Switches, Thermostats and more...

 Turn your home into a smart home today! 

All devices mentioned are available at www.connectit.ie and we will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have. Reach out to us at info@connectit.ie today!

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