Top 3 ways to protect your parcel deliveries using smart technology from Connect It Ireland

It's no surprise that with the increase in online shopping and parcel deliveries there has been a rise in parcel thefts and damaged packages. Here are 3 top tips to protect your parcel deliveries using smart home technology. 

1. Install a Smart Secure Outdoor Parcel Box - iParcelbox.

One of the most effective ways to protect your parcels is by installing a Smart Outdoor Parcel Box like iParcelbox. Easy to install and weatherproof, the iParcelbox is a safe, secure solution for your parcel deliveries. The iParcelbox is made of steel, and is securely anchored to the floor or a wall using bolts provided. The delivery driver simply presses the button on the iParcelbox that will unlock the lid and allow them to deliver the parcel. When they close the box it will lock again, ensuring your package is safe from any thefts or weather damage. 

Delivery man delivering parcel securely to iParcelbox out door parcel lockbox ireland

Here's the best part... if there are additional packages to be delivered, when the next delivery driver presses the button on the iParcelbox it will send a notification to your smartphone notifying you that a delivery is attempted do be made. You can then accept (or deny) the attempted delivery by using the iParcelbox app on your smartphone. 

If your package needs signed for, the delivery driver will scan the unique barcode on the inside of the box that is accepted as proof of postage. The delivery driver will then again close the box, locking your parcels safely away until you arrive home to retrieve them.  

2. Have a Outdoor Security Camera monitoring your Door – Kami H31

Another great way to ensure your parcels are delivered safely is by installing a Smart Outdoor Security Camera like the Kami H31. With the latest motion sensor technology and water-resistant design, the Kami H31 Outdoor Camera is one of the best security cameras of its category to secure your home and parcel deliveries.

Delivery driver atempting to deliver package and kami H31 outdoor security camera alerting customer on mobile app so they can communicate with 2 way audio through the camera - Connect It Ireland

Feel safe leaving your home, knowing the Kami H31 will notify you on your smartphone when a motion is picked up, meaning, when the delivery driver is attempting to deliver your packages you'll know! Easily communicate with the delivery driver on where is the safest place to put your parcel until you arrive home through the Kami cameras's crystal clear 2-way-audio.

Having the Kami H31 installed means you can also keep an eye on your package until you get home. Kami's Smart Human Detection avoids “false positives” caused by flying insects, pets and light changes so you'll only be notified when it detects another human. 

While the Kami H31 is a great way to keep your deliveries safe... its not just for parcel security. Easily see who is at the door at any time from and say hello to your guest, or send off a warning to unwanted intruders on your property. Protect your home in every condition with impressive colour night vision.

3. Add a contact Sensor to your Generic Post Box - AduroSmart ERIA Contact Sensor 

A simple, yet innovative, way to protect your parcels is to add a contact sensor such as the AduroSmart ERIA Contact Sensor to your existing generic post box.

AduroSmart ERIA widow/door contact sensor detection an intruder opening a window and alerting the home owner's mobile - Connect It Ireland

The ERIA Contact Sensor can be attach to any flat surface such as an outdoor post box, and when installed, you will now able to receive notifications if the post box is opened. (In the event of someone attempting to steal your packages!)

AduroSmart ERIA Contact Sensor is simple to instal, free of wiring, and works in conjunction with the AduroSmart ERIA Smart Home Hub. The sensor has a powerful 3 year long battery life so it will monitoring your parcels for a long time to come. 


Your parcel's safety doesn't have to be left to chance. These are 3 simple and cost effective ways you can make sure your online deliveries are protected when you're not there. All of the above products are available to purchase at 

Tell us how will you protect your parcels from now on? 

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