How To Set Up An AduroSmart Light Bulb

How To Set Up An AduroSmart Light Bulb

Whether it’s a Smart Bulb or our Smart LED Strip Lights, the process is quick and easy and we’re here to show you how. (AduroSmart Bulbs requires a Smart Home Hub for the ability to control from your phone.) 


1. Pick and Insert Your Bulb

Choose from a range of different bulbs we have to offer. Pick from different sizes and shapes to suit your desired placing and even pick the colour and function, from Warm White to Coloured, Dimmable to Tunable, there’s a blub for everything.

ERIA C40 6W | Smart White and Colour Tunable Candle Light Bulb

2. Connect to the AduroSmart ERIA App

AduroSmart Eria-Smart Home App
  • Download the free AduroSmart Eria app onto your smartphone.

  • Once in the app, go to settings and select “Devices” and “+”. Then press “Add Device”

  • Press on “Brands” and then select “AduroSmart Eria”

  • Select the bulb you have for example “Soft White Bulb

  • Switch on/off your lights 5 times until the lamp flashes, this indicates that the lamp is set into pairing mode. Press “Search”. The LED indicator on the Smart Home Hub will flash green meaning it is searching for devices.

  • When the bulb has been found and paired successfully it will flash once and will show up in your search results. Press "Done" to complete the process.

3. Add Your Bulb to a Room

AduroSmart Eria Smart Home App


Create a surreal experience and set the mood by adding multiple devices to a room where you can control all lights/appliances at once or separate. Create multiple rooms to suit your different appliances and control all from one place with the feature to set timers to turn the lights on and off. Add a Google Nest/Alexa to control your lights with your voice. Simply say “hey Google, turn the lights to 60%” or “Turn the main Light off”.


In conclusion, even though smart lighting and smart home appliances are the future and may seem very technical, they're actually extremely easy to set up and even easier to use once its done. 

All devices mentioned are available at and we will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have. Reach out to us at today!