EZVIZ Security Cameras – The Breakdown

EZVIZ Security Cameras – The Breakdown

After recently adding some new EZVIZ security cameras to our site, we wanted to give you the run down on each camera and the benefits and features to them all so you know exactly which camera you want before you buy! 

Lets start with the;

EZVIZ C2C | 1080p Indoor Mini Smart Wi-Fi CameraEZVIZ C2C | 1080p Indoor Mini Smart Wi-Fi Camera

Introducing the EZVIZ C2C Indoor Security Camera. This small (yet mighty) Indoor Security Camera will be your best friend if you are looking to keep a close eye on what’s happening inside your home. Place this camera anywhere in your home, it even has a magnetic base so you can quickly stick to any magnetic surface for easy setup.

Like all of our other Indoor Security Cameras, the EZVIZ C2C automatically switches into night vision mode for around-the-clock HD video coverage. The lens is ringed with IR LED infrared lights, allowing for night vision up to 7.5 meters so you will never miss a thing.

Get instant alerts from your EZVIZ C2C straight to your smartphone with an image when motion is detected.

The EZVIZ C2C covers a wider range of space so you can keep an eye on what’s valuable to you and with multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The cameras can even save to all three locations at the same time for added backup in case a camera is damaged or your network crashes.

And of course like all our other Indoor Security Cameras, the EZVIZ C2C has a voice two-way-audio so you can easily communicated with visitors in your home or even pets!

Overall the EZVIZ C2C indoor security camera is a great camera if you are looking for something small and compact but will all the additional features you look for in a security camera. Only €59.99


Next up, Outdoor; 

EZVIZ C4S-P0E HD PoE Wi-Fi Outdoor Dome Camera with Night Vision

EZVIZ C4S-P0E | HD PoE Wi-Fi Outdoor Dome Camera with Night Vision

The EZVIZ C4S-P0E is a dome shaped outdoor security camera which is known for giving a wider yet shorted angled footage shot. The dome shaped camera also means that the camera is set a particular angle so it can not be manually moved like a bullet or traditional camera although the dome camera can not be moved manually, you do get a wider angle.

The EZVIZ C4S-P0E features a vandal-proof dome cover and IP66-rated water and dust resistance to protect against all forms of weather and vandalism.

Giving you the option for wired or Wi-Fi connectivity, the EZVIZ C4S-P0E can be placed almost anywhere where there is Wi-Fi or electrical socket and obviously it wouldn’t be a good security camera if it didn’t come with night vision technology. Night vision automatically kick on when it gets dark for continuous security coverage up to 30 meters.

Another great feature about the camera is that it has WDQR up to 120db, which automatically controls white balance levels for clearer video and images. 16X stronger than normal camera.

This camera is a very affordable camera and only €79.99


EZVIZ C3C | Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Home Security CameraEZVIZ C3C | Outdoor WiFi Smart Home Security Camera

The EZVIZ C3C is the ideal camera for anyone looking for a strong weatherproof outdoor camera with the choice of having a cable or Wi-Fi option.
The EZVIZ C3C is fitted with an IP66-rated weatherproof design, is a reliable and durable guard that can protect you in all types of weather and of course with infrared lights provide illumination up to 30 meters, giving you clear-as-day vision in the dark of night. Intelligent dynamic video mode enables the EZVIZ C3C to record event-triggered videos to local storage or the cloud, filtering out irrelevant videos to save you time. 
Only €79.99
Last but not least; 

EZVIZ C3S-WIFI | HD 1080p Wireless Outdoor Bullet CameraEZVIZ C3S-WIFI | HD 1080p Wireless Outdoor Bullet Camera

The EZVIZ C3S bullet outdoor security camera offers 1080p video, protecting you rain or shine with its IP66 waterproof and dustproof design and optional Wi-Fi or PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection.

Watch videos the way your eyes see with 120dB WDR, which balances colours and light to match real life with the added features of night vison. When the sun goes down, the EZVIZ C3S switches to night vision for clear HD video in the dark up to 30 meters and with the high-definition sensor combined with a wide-angle lens not only provides more detail, but also greater coverage.

Get instant alerts sent to your smartphone when a movement is detected so you know exactly what is happening outside your home in real time.

Only €99.99


Overall the EZVIZ Security Cameras are a well designed affordable camera suited for many households and comes with great features so you will never miss a thing when you aren't at home!  

Which camera will you be buying? 

All devices mentioned are available at www.connectit.ie and we will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have. Reach out to us at info@connectit.ie today!